Friday, July 1, 2011

Back in Business (Kind Of) with MotoDev Studio

More Computer Woes

Unfortunately my main Android Development computer decided that it didn't want to turn on anymore. I think it is still a problem that can be fixed, perhaps by changing the power supply, but I figured it was time to move on and set up my laptop for Android Development.

As I was about to start downloading all the necessary components, I saw something called MotodevStudio which was a Motorola product. It is based off the Eclipse platform and makes the claim that it makes it easier to develop Android applications. I thought I would give it a try.

Setting up MotoDev Studio


The set up was pretty straightforward. While installing the app, the program prompted me for a location for the Android SDK. I did not have the Android SDK currently installed, but the program nicely prompted me with a download link.

Initial Thoughts

MotodevStudio seems to be pretty cool. I haven't even had a chance to dive into some of the features, such as graphical viewing of SQLite tables.

One cool feature of MotoDev studio is that it provides easy access to Android Snippets, small amounts of code that are useful in many applications.

Screenshot of a MotodevStudio Snippet Preview

Snippets are nice because you can't honestly always remember the line of code to make an app run in fullscreen mode, etc. I usually end up having a reference application open that I copy and paste from, but these process can be streamlined with the snippets tool.

Emulator Response Issues

MotodevStudio is nice and all, but I still seem to run into some trouble running the emulator with any decent performance. I don't believe this is MotodevStudios fault, just my computer not being powerful enough.

The Android Emulator running snake from inside MotodevStudio

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