Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Win $5000 making an Android App

This is pretty cool. is getting together with to run a $5000 Android App challenge.

The challenge is going to be divided up into three rounds. The first round being just a short pitch of your app--250 words or less. From this, judges will narrow the field down to 30 entries.

So, start brainstorming some ideas for cool apps that somehow involve facial recognition. Doesn't matter if you can't quite program it yet--just come up with some great ideas.

I think that I will plan on entering the competition, but I will probably post some tutorials here regardless if I make it pass round one or not. Good look to everyone who enters!

Check out some example apps from and head on over to for all the details about how to enter.

For some inspiration, here is a video showing you how Nintendo has been using facial recognition in some games.

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